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A good basic trio of eye shadow colors to have is 1) a neutral, nude tone that matches your skin, 2) a paler neutral shade to use along the brow bone and as a highlighter, and 3) a dark neutral shade to use as a liner or to create darker, sultrier looks. These three simple light-medium-dark shades are the cornerstone of almost any look out there Apply the dark shadow in the crease between your brow bone and eyelid. Sweep the brush in a half-moon shape that runs from the outside corner of your eye about 3/4 of the way down the crease of your eyelid. However, avoid putting the dark shade on the very inner corner of your eye, as this will make your eyes look smaller A little eyeshadow on the outer lower lash goes a long way. For an everyday look, use softer hues, like a soft brown, then for a more dramatic look, you can go a shade deeper. You can apply using a small dense brush, then blend out using a slightly larger fluffier brush Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial | Parts of the Eye | How To Apply EyeshadowSUBSCRIBE it's FREE https://goo.gl/t4ZY2V Click the little bell (beside the subscr.. The next step is to lightly apply a darker color cream or powder shadow on top of the eyeliner, blending it out with your brush until you get the dramatic effect you want. A smoky eye can also be any color you want it to be, not just black or brown. Finish with two coats of mascara to tie the look together

For the next step, blend in a darker shade into your crease. Start from the inside of the eye with a thinner line growing thicker as it extends to the outside of the crease. Make sure the lids match and blend, blend, blend. If you have a 3-color palette, choose the darkest color Concentrate darker shadow in the eye crease. Dark colors attract light, so placing a darker tone of shadow in the crease of the eye makes your eyes pop by adding depth and dimension in the exact..

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Go back over the pencil liner with a same or similar color powder eye shadow, she says. This fills in any gaps between pencil and lash roots and reinforces the liner. It really dramatizes eye shape, which is exactly what aging eyes need most Step 3. Grab the Essential Eye Makeup Brushes. You will need a small and medium-sized blending brush, a small flat eyeshadow brush for application, and a smudger (optional). Step 4. Begin to Apply Highlighter. Glide your flat brush on the lightest shade and apply this on the inner corner of the eyes Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial | Parts of the Eye | How To Apply EyeshadowSUBSCRIBE it's FREE https://goo.gl/t4ZY2V PLEASE NOTE : Due to My Chronic Illness.. Contour your lid with your darkest shade. Use your dome brush with your darkest eyeshadow color to contour your eyelid. Start at the outside corner of your eye, and sweep the brush in a half-moon motion up and around to the center of your crease. Keep the shadow the darkest along your lash line, and fade it out as you move up

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To apply, squirt a small amount of eyeshadow primer onto your ring finger (your ring finger is the best for applying eye makeup, because it has the lightest touch and won't irritate your skin) STEP 1: PRIME YOUR LIDS Before reaching for your eye shadows, prep your lids for makeup application by dabbing an eye primer onto your lids. Eye primer will help ensure your eye shadow goes on smoothly and wears evenly. If you don't have an eye primer on hand, pat on a tiny bit of foundation or concealer STEP #5: HIGHLIGHT YOUR EYE. To complete your eyeshadow look, use the lightest shade in the palette to highlight your eye. Apply this shade to the inner corner of your eye and below the arch of your eyebrow. If this step seems unnecessary, know this: Properly placed highlighter can help you look more awake and bright-eyed Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial | Soft Glam Eye Shadow | How To Apply Eyeshadow.SUBSCRIBE it's FREE https://goo.gl/t4ZY2V PLEASE NOTE : Due to My Chronic Il.. There are a variety of different eye shadow brushes that work well for different things. To apply your eye shadow most precisely, you will need a standard eye shadow brush, a tapered blending brush, and a firmer, straight brush. These three brushes will help you to get the most flawless application

Eye makeup is fun to apply and can really accentuate your eyes if applied correctly. Your mood and outfit can determine what look you want to achieve. Go for a dark, smoky eye in the evening or a fresh, fun vibe during the day. The look becomes uniquely yours when you get creative. Don't fret if you're unfamiliar with which color goes where. Opt for purchasing an eyeshadow palette. In this quick and simple tutorial, I will show you how to correct eyes that have become hooded with age. Some people are born with hooded eyes and that's a. 1. Create a subtle, blended transition. If you have at least four different neutral shades of eyeshadow, arrange them from lightest to darkest. Apply as follows, using a thick brush: Apply the lightest shade onto your inner eye, stopping at the crease. Blend the edge until you cannot tell where the transition is THE BEST EYE SHADOW FOR ROUND EYES Contouring your peepers it the key to creating a stunning, defined end look. All you have to do is apply a medium to dark shade over the center of your lid, followed by highlighting your inner and outer corners with a lighter shade. This will draw attention to the center of your eye for an ultra-flattering look Apply Eye Shadow Correctly by Layering It It is a simple trick but works wonder for getting vibrant eyes with eye shadows. Layering should be done to settling the right amount of product on your eye lid. It will also help to cover the left spots and would provide a blended and homogeneous look

For a professional finish, learn a few tips to make your makeup last longer. 3. First, apply the main colour eye shadow around the eyelid. Start at the inside and spread it out with a medium brush. Remember that the tone of this shadow marks your definitive look, so make sure that you like the colour and that it suits you. Image: www.thob.org. 4 Eyeshadow Technique 1: Gradient Layers. Step 1: First, you can apply primer, foundation, and concealer as needed. Step 2: Second, set with a translucent powder. Step 3: Apply a mid-range shade onto your eyelid (this is the most prominent and visible area of the eye)

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  1. All I had to do was decide that: No, I am going to wear eye shadow and eyeliner and I am going to make it work. And that's so much of what makeup is: making things work for you and your face
  2. Prep your eye lids with a primer and a neutral base eyeshadow. Step 2 - Start with the lightest shade The lightest colour you choose to apply should be applied over the eyelid first. It can also be used as a browbone highlighter
  3. 4. Up & Out = Winner. When applying eye makeup blend the shadow up towards the tail of your brow. Concentrate the majority of the pigment on the outer corner and then blend and diffuse the colour.
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  5. Cream Eyeshadow. Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes $46. Shop. Cream eye shadows are one of the easiest products to apply, because you can do it with your fingers, no major tools required. Cream textures are softer and tend to blend better when warmed, making them easy to pop on your eyelid with your finger and get on with the rest of your day
  6. Natural eye makeup never goes out of style. Let your makeup look do the talking for the remainder of summer by wearing just the bare necessities. What does that mean? It's time to play up your features with a series of gray, taupe, gold, brown, olive, burnt orange, and nude eye shadow shades, so you can embrace a natural makeup look that's totally on-trend

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  1. Apply light shadow to lid. Apply the color across the entire lid from the lash line to just above the crease, sweeping upward toward the brow (without going as high as the brow). Run brush over darker color, tapping to remove excess. Sweep your brush over the darker eye shadow, and be sure to tap off any excess before applying
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  3. It'll help create a bushy, boy brow look and draw attention to your eye area. STEP 3: Apply Your Eyeshadow Base Shade. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, apply a matte neutral base color to the lower half of your lids, blending it up to the crease. Try a matte brown shade from the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Utopia Palette
  4. 19 Eyeshadow Basics Everyone Should Know. Skip the smokey eye and get back to basics. 1. Figure out which eye shape you have, so you can learn more about different shading techniques that work.
  5. Step Two: Start the Application Process With a Nude Shadow . Before you get playful with pigments, sweep a nude eyeshadow (whatever best-matches the color of your lids) into the crease of your eye. For this step, we're concentrating the [shadow] in the crease of the eye, Jaikaran says. We're not necessarily putting anything on the lid yet

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Step 1: Apply Eyeshadow Primer. Youtube. To start off with a fresh and clean base, the first thing you need to do is apply an eyeshadow primer to your lids. Prepping your lids is a must if you want your eye makeup to stay in place and last through the day. Pro Tip: If you don't own an eyeshadow primer, apply a concealer Simplify eye makeup application and learn how to do eye makeup with fail-safe eyeliner tips, expert eyeshadow tips and smokey eye tutorials. Be the first to try the 1st Tinted Serum with 1% Hyaluronic Acid Skin looks brighter, even & feels hydrated All Brands Women of Worth Tools & Consultations Another makeup tip you can apply is - you need to give some touch of highlighting eye shadows just above the crease, blend it well over the crease and on the brow bones to give a good effect. Apply it with an angled brush, using light strokes so the color will not look so heavy

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  1. Simple eye shadow tutorial for deep set & hooded eyes. Contour the eye by following your natural bone structure. Use a matte shade. Create the 'crease' where a natural shadow occurs. That is where your color should be the darkest. Fill in the color in the outer corner and blend well, so that the contour looks soft and nice
  2. Apply eye makeup primer. Primer helps your makeup last as long as possible by giving it something to stick to. Pat a thin layer of the primer onto your lids, working your way up to the eyebrow. If you plan to apply eyeshadow beneath your eyes (for instance, if you want to create a smoky eye look),.
  3. How to Do Eye Makeup for Small Eyes to Make Them Look Bigger - Video . Courtesy: Makeup artist Claire Ashley. Step-by-step Process for Doing Eye Makeup for Small Eyes. Here is a step-by-step process of doing simple eye makeup for small eyes. 1. Start with a light base colour as eye shadow to brighten up your eyes

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How To Do Eye Shadow Details. The system has given 20 helpful results for the search how to do eye shadow. These are the recommended solutions for your problem, selecting from sources of help. Whenever a helpful result is detected, the system will add it to the list immediately. The latest ones have updated on 26th May 2021 Before choosing the main colour for your eye shadow, have regard to what you will be wearing; try to match some colour from your skirt or dress with your eye shadow—but at all costs try to work out which colours simply do not suit you or your colouring, or clash with your clothes ie don't use green eye shadow with, say, an orange top Makeup Artists shared their best eye makeup tips for how to perfect undereye concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, and even lashes when you've got mature skin. As you age, the skin around your eyes. 3 ways to wear green eyeshadow wikihow olive green eyeshadow look tspa green eye makeup ideas and tutorials best green eyeshadow looks to try how to do green eye makeup styles at life Best And Ideas For Trendy Green Eyeshadow Looks Belle25 Best Green Eyeshadow Shades And How To Wear ThemHow To Do Green Eyeshadow [ Eye shadows in a couple of neutral, complementary shades to create the subtle gradient of blended color — think chocolate browns, tans and taupes, and deep espressos. 3 Better yet, find an eye shadow palette that already mixes and matches the best shades from light, medium, and dark, so all you have to do is blend

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Dab an angle brush on a dark brown shade and swipe across to form a cat's eye. Use the same shade to bring the eyeshadow down and around. Place a lining on the outer edge of the lower lid. Choose a shimmery pinkish shade and place it on the inner corner of the eyes. Swipe a black eyeliner on your eyelid How To Do Eye Shadow. 1,792 likes · 2 talking about this. We at Howtodoeyeshadow.com look forward to providing you with the best information on eye makeup, health and beauty tips Professional makeup artist Wayne Goss tells us how we should hide the shadow and not the eye bag itself. To do this, here are some very easy steps: Find the shadow that makes you puffy eyes apparent. Slightly tilt your head forward and detect the shadow the bag creates. Conceal the shadow not the bag itself

Top 15+ Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners On How To Do Makeup. Eye makeup is a technique that is most challenging, most creative, most colorful and the most popular with its attractiveness. Here are some Beginner Eye Makeup Tips. If you are a makeup learner then there are three basic steps for eye makeup for that you actually need guidance How To Do Eye Shadow Overview. The list of the most helpful results for how to do eye shadow that is provided above may be of help for users. These are the ways applied by many people. The total of search results for how to do eye shadow now is 20 with the latest update on 19th October 2020. Search and find a solution to your problems Do the same on your bottom lashes. Just do one coat of mascara if you're doing natural everyday makeup and do two or three to add thickness for more boldness and drama. This is the last eye makeup tips and your eye makeup is completed. Your eyes will look gorgeous after following all these tips given

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Eye shadow. You can fill in your brows with an eye shadow or a brow powder that's the same tone as your brows (and corresponds with your hair color). Eyebrow pencils. Eye pencils are great for filling in your brows. If you're using a pencil, make sure you keep the tip sharpened (if it's a twist-up pen, find one with a fine point) Fueled by social media popularity, eye shadow palettes have become the new It girl. Logical, considering they nix color-matching confusion, save you money, and corral multiple options in a neat case Choose Lighter Eye Makeup Shades If your go-t0 look is a dark smoky eye, it might be time to try something different. Glasses tend to create shadows in the eye area, Rodriguez points out Smashbox lead makeup artist Lori Taylor Davis is sharing some tips on how to grab attention with your brows and lashes. Along with using cream eye shadows, Davis revealed how to do a cat eye and a.

You can do this technique with eyeshadow or just standalone eyeliner. Pro tip: you can layer eyeliner pencil and eyeshadow for a cool new shade. Downturned Eyes. The outer corner of the eye is lower than the inner corner of the eye. Easy eye makeup to do is what's called the puppy eye The struggle to make hooded eyes look more alive with makeup is real. It takes some serious skill and a serious understanding of the anatomy of eyes to make it happen, and only the chosen few are.

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After applying the eyeshadow, draw the eyeliner starting from the inner corner of the eye and extend all the way out. Winged and cat-eye looks are great to lift up the eyes. Curling your lashes and applying mascara also add extra eye lift. 9. Monolid Eyes So what you can do is create a really small line and connect the tip of that line to the top of your lashes. Then use a cotton round or cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to sharpen up the wing. Clean up under the eyes as well, where eyeshadow fallout may have occurred during application Method 1of 3:Choosing Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes. 1. Choose eyeshadows with gold or warm brown tones. Bring out the blue in your irises by choosing eyeshadow colors with subtle or bold orange tones present in them. This could be any eyeshadow in bronze, copper, gold, terra cotta, orange, brown, peach, or salmon Expired eyeshadow is often exposed to a lot of air over time. Eventually, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. When you apply the eyeshadow over your eyelids, you also introduce the bacteria to your skin. Your skin can also get inflamed and irritated. Moreover, the worst thing that could happen is when your eye gets infected

1. Apply a pale eye shadow to your upper eyelids and along the roots of your lower lashes. Warning: if you have deep wrinkles, dark circles or bags under your eyes, it's best to apply makeup only on your upper eyelid. 2. Next, use a slightly darker shade (like medium brown) to sculpt your eye creases Do not make any wings for the lower eye lid. You can do the same cat eye look with your normal liquid eyeliner. The choice is yours. Now Use a kohl pencil below the lower lashes to create a more open eye look. If going for a smokey effect, smudge this line a bit with a Q-tip brush. See More: How To Do Eye Makeup Like Avril Lavign

See More: How To Do Pakistani Eye Makeup Tips For Korean Eye Makeup. Here are a few simple tips to create a flawless Korean Eye makeup: Minimal is the best. Choose simple neutral colors and keep it as natural as you can. When using a shimmer, always apply it on the middle of the eye for a popping effect; Darker shade eye shadows must be applied. Eye Makeup For Light Brown Eyes 8. Rose Gold Eyeshadow. Image: Instagram. Rose gold is a shade that looks good on everyone, but when you really want to bring those big brown eyes forward, this wonderful color will do the job. This is a shade which is quite neutral so based on the occasion and time, you can build it up or tone it down In tip number three, I mention an inner eye corner extension which some people refer to as, the fox eye. Made popular today primarily by supermodel Bella Hadid and Euphoria superstar Alexa Demie, the fox eye is the usage of shadows and/or liner in the inner and outer corners to make the eyes appear more lifted, slanted, and almond-like in shape How to do this colorful eyeshadow looks for brown eyes? Start by applying a yellow-green or lime green eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye as well as 1/3 of the lid. Next, apply the bright green eyeshadow on the eyelid, covering 2/3 of the eye. Blend the yellow-green eyeshadow to the bright green one to create a seamless transition Jul 28, 2020 - Explore Eyeshadow For Beginners's board How To Do Eyeshadow on Pinterest. See more ideas about how to do eyeshadow, eyeshadow, eye makeup

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Pack a little eyeshadow on a medium blending brush and work from inner to the outer corner with small gentle strokes. Next blend in a slightly darker eyeshadow and seamlessly blend both shades into the crease. Tip: Do not use harsh and bold colors in the crease and avoid glittery shades Mar 16, 2021 - Explore Alice Higgins's board How to do eyeshadows on Pinterest. See more ideas about eye makeup, eye make up, makeup tutorial When applying eyeshadow, you often wind up with it on more than just your lids — which can make a total mess under your eyes To stop this from happening, place a small piece of tape under your. Apply eye primer to avoid creasing. Apply a coat of light blue eyeshadow in the crease area. Extend the eyeshadow like a wing by blending. Apply a dark blue in the outer corner and an electrifying blue in the center of the lid and blend it well How I Finally Got My Eye Shadow to Stop Creasing. This may sound like a silly / TMI thing to complain about, but—bear with me —I swear have the oiliest eyelids ever. It makes every shadow I.

Monolids are a beautifully unique eye shape but can make eye makeup tips a bit useless when you lack a visible eyelid — here are 5 makeup looks geared towards monolids Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic tells all. 6) Creams first, powders second. Just like with the face, Dedivanovic avoids eye primer and lets cream shadows do the work of holding the pigment in. Start from the outside corner of your eye. Sweep the brush in a half-moon motion up and around to the center of your crease. Keep the darkest shadow along the lash line, and fade it out as you move up. Draw the shadow up towards the end of your eyebrow a bit for an angled fan. 6.) Blend your Eyeshadows to do Eyeshadow

Apply eye primer to the lids. GITA SAYS: If you're doing a lot of shadow, primer really helps for it to blend. It also gets rid of any discoloration on the lid Eye makeup has the power to take your beauty to the next level. We all have seen girls applying the perfect eyeshadows and looking gorgeous. But how to apply eyeshadow is a big question and a pretty difficult task. If you do not do it right, you may end up looking at a disaster How To Do Eyeshadow Good Details. The system has given 20 helpful results for the search how to do eyeshadow good. These are the recommended solutions for your problem, selecting from sources of help. Whenever a helpful result is detected, the system will add it to the list immediately. The latest ones have updated on 14th April 2021 We asked professional makeup artists to share their favorite techniques for applying eye shadow with fingers, including the best formulas, colors, and which fingers to use. With their quick tips.

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Step 1: Using a 3-toned palette like Burt's Bees Eye Shadow Trio in Shimmering Nudes ($18.86, Amazon), sweep the lightest shade onto the inner corner of the eye and along the brow's arch.The subtle shimmer directs focus upward, says Svay. Step 2: Brush the medium shade across the entire lid to highlight the eye while creating a smooth, even base on the lid Eyeshadow Do's and Don'ts by Laura Lee. This is a great collection of tips and tricks outlining all of the things you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do when applying eye shadow. I've learned a lot of these the hard way! You'll notice she recommends using synthetic makeup brushes,. Yet most hooded eyes tutorials show this. This will show you REALISTIC everyday eye makeup for hooded eyes if you don't have much time but still want to look your best. While, this is pretty thorough, the full video tutorial at the end that contains all the steps. It's fairly short and contains do's and don'ts in a well-explained manner

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As mentioned earlier, too much eye makeup should be avoided by mature women. If in your 20s and 30s you had applied dark-colored eye liners, and psychedelic colored eye shadows then it is time to put a stop to it now. Dark-colored eye shadows do nothing to enhance your eyes, and on the contrary it gives your eyes a tired and droopy look Use eye makeup ideas remover products that will help you out with these stubborn cosmetics. how to do eyeshadow often requires more skill than the rest of the face, so these tips for applying eyeshadow eyeliner and choosing the best color should help Finding out your natural eye shape is as important as determining the most satisfying colours for your eyelids. Knowing how you should apply winged eyeliner and eye shadow will help you in better understanding the makeup techniques and trends that fit your face. Deep Set Eyes If you don't know what the deep set eyes are, then let me brief you about it. They are a set of large eyes set deeper. Applying eye makeup can be difficult if you have shaky hands or experience hand tremors. Three experts reveal how to do eye makeup with shaky hands: find products that are easy to grip, steady. Always remove eye makeup at the end of the day, leaving mascara on your lashes can cause infections. Been there, done that. It's not a good thing. My preferred eye makeup remover is Clinique's Take the Day Off. Cover Dark Shadows With Concealer . Everyone's eyes are different. Some of us have shadows on the inside corners of our eyes (me! me.

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The key to keeping eyeshadow from melting into your eyelid crease as the day goes on is to keep the eyelids oil-free. To do this start with an eyeshadow base (also called primer). Simply swipe the primer across the eye and let it dry before you continue to the next step UPTURNED EYES (Olivia Wilde) Address your eye makeup the same way you do your Sunday morning yoga, with balance and symmetry your core focus. Use a shimmer or highlighter on the inner corner of your eye blending upward toward your brow bone, while lining the lower lash line on the outer corner to create an even look that pops

A look that constitutes simple nude eyeshadow of a shade darker than your skin tone. Ideal for: It pops your eyes out and is an apt make-up option to compliment blue eyes.This is a gentle look that suits round faces. How to style: This classy bronze makeup look for women over 60 with blue eyes goes along with any outfit especially of beige colors if it's for outdoor events This tutorial shows you three different eyeshadow techniques to apply on hooded eyes, whether your eyes are extremely or only slightly hooded. The first is a cut crease tutorial, the second is a dome shape tutorial, and the third is a soft smokey socket tutorial. Eyeshadow for hooded eyes doesn't have to be such a pain

An eyeshadow brush like the base shadow brush found in this Professional 12pcs Makeup Brush Set which is great for tapping and blending the eyeshadow. An eyeshadow palette having light, medium and 2 dark colours like this Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad.; An eyeliner (for a fuller highlight and if you want to add a wing effect) like this Super Black Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pencil. Hooded eyes do not apply Eyeshadow as other eye shapes, neither do the same eyeliner technique. You need to follow specific tips to have a complete eye balance and create an illusion of big, fresh, and open eyes. First, I will share with you some essential TIPS for hooded eyes. 1. PRIME YOUR LI Here are some hacks you can use to fix your broken eyeshadow palette (and to save you from the 5 stages of grief)! How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow. The hack everyone surely knows by now is how to fix broken eyeshadow with rubbing alcohol. All you have to do is crush up any chunks in your eyeshadow with a toothpick and add a few drops of alcohol Light Neutral Colored Eye Shadow. Image: Shutterstock. Use neutral and light eyeshadows. Follow the rule of contouring. Light colors for the areas that you want the light to reflect and darker shades for the areas you want to push back. Using light colors at the center of the eyelids brings them forward. Pick up some product on a brush, tap the.

Eye makeup doesn't have to be daunting, despite the many products in the category. Instead of being overwhelmed by how many shadows or liners to use, start by mastering the basics, then build your technique up from there. Makeup artist Bobbi Brown shares her tips for creating a natural eye makeup look that will make your eyes pop Or you could use your eye shadow or those gel liners that come in the little bottle. You've got so many great options out there. Margaret: The two options you've given us are pretty good though. What do you think about putting the eyeliner on the inside rim of the eye. Do you recommend that technique? Ariane: Well, it makes my stomach go crazy Sultry and dark, this makeup look is a perfect date night option for that added drama. Smudge out the bottom lash line and extend the shadow beyond the eyelid to the outer edge, creating a softer looking wing. Defined brows and nude lips complete the look to keep the focus on your dramatic eye 2. Prime Your Eyes. When you have hooded eyes, your eyeshadow will tend to transfer more due to the deep crease in the hooded area. Thankfully, this is a super easy fix! Avoid your eyeshadow from transferring by priming your eyes with your fave crease-less primer and setting it with some powder for extra staying power! 3. Create a Fake Creas

When you're headed to a special nighttime occasion, subtle eye makeup just won't do. After dark, it's time for something a bit more dramatic. A bold, eye-popping triangle design never fails to impress. The triangle extends from the corners of your eyes all the way up to your brow bone. This design works. Q. Does eyeshadow expire? A. Yes. Like all makeup products, eyeshadow will eventually expire. They are usually good for six months to two years, depending on the brand. Continuing to use an eyeshadow product beyond this date could result in eye irritation or even infection. Q. How do I get a rich, vibrant color? A. There are a few ways to go. This should be the darkest color from your chosen palette. For a smokier effect, extend some of the shadow to outer corner of your eye with a thin brush. Blend the shadow into the outer corner of your eye to create a < or > shape. Focus on the outer portion of your eye, and avoid extending it to the inner corners How to Do Eye Makeup: Prime your eyes: The first step is to prime eyelids with the help of eye-primer. Eyelids are the greasiest part of face and that is why makeup doesn't stay for long, if you prime your eyes before doing eye-makeup, it will stay for a longer time. You can also reduce the oiliness by applying alcohol-free makeup remover and.

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1. KEEPING THE COLOURS TO A MINIMUM Doing Korean eye makeup is all about making your eyes look younger and brighter, but at the same time keeping it simple and achieving a natural look with only a slight hint of colour. Source: Lu Ing Most of the. Knowing your eye shape is important to do the right kind of eye makeup. If you are an almond-eyed girl, good for you - because a lot of eyeliner looks will look flattering on your eyes. If you're wondering how almond eyes look, let us tell you. This eye shape is narrow and oval with pointed ends, much like almonds

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Using a small eye brush, start from the outer corner of the eyes and work inwards, so that the color gets gradually lighter. It'll give you a bigger, wide-eyed look. Chanel Inimitable Mascar Do you wear glasses? Eye makeup with glasses can be tricky unless you know the specific tricks for your type of eyewear. Many of us start wearing makeup long before we eventually need to wear glasses. But, did you change the way you apply cosmetics after buying eyewear? I know I didn't

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