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Make a brooding musician laugh with these music jokes and guitar puns. Skip to your own beat with these music puns and music jokes that will have you singing for joy What is a mummy's favorite kind of music? A. Rap! Q. What type of soap did the composer use? A. Anti-BACH-terial. Q. What is a tortilla chip's favorite style of music? A. Salsa! Q. Why does Cardi B love Christmas? A. Because of all the wrapping. Q. What do you call a musical insect? A. A humbug. Q. Why did the fish make such a good musician? A. 25. Light bulb. How many sopranos does it take to change a light bulb. One. She just holds on and the world revolves around her. 26. Fire extinguisher. A percussionist, tired from being ridiculed by other musicians, decides to change instruments. He walks into a music shop and says, I'll take that red trumpet over there, and that accordion. Music Symbol Art Music Quizzes Recorder Around the World Passport Fun Links Video Links Choir Songs New Ukulele Songs Music Monday Event Submit Materials Contact Here are some fun music jokes for you. If you know of any others, I would love to hear them. Please send them to me using the Contact form. Why couldn't the string quartet find.

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Oct 26, 2018 - Explore vicky warkentien's board musical joke on Pinterest. See more ideas about music humor, music jokes, musical jokes Drummers are the leaches of the music world and can only be countered by being forced to get a real day job. This will reduce the drummer's coolness factor and the daughter will immediately lose interest. Special thanks to Pam and Craig Incontro. Please send me your musician jokes for inclusion here. Hom 60 Hilarious Music Puns For Musicians. Here all the best music puns of all time. If you're a musician, you'll appreciate a good joke or pun about your passion. Of course, you shouldn't keep them to yourself. You should share them with fellow band members or your friends in music class. Here are the best corny music puns on the internet Learn all about these music symbols: the staff, the treble clef, the notes, the rests, the musical alphabet, and much, much more

Music Jokes and Riddles for Kids at EnchantedLearning.com: rhymes, crafts, printouts, worksheets, information, books to print, and quizzes Music Jokes Music Humor Funny Music Music Greeting Cards I Dont Understand You Forever Grateful E Cards Someecards Funny Photos More like you just heard that band from Guitar Hero, for those under the age of 20. Rock Roll Rock Music Funny Rock Merchandise Spiderman Meme Classic Rock And Roll Best Guitar Players Rock Shirts Dc Memes Music Meme Master List of Music Puns, Not Your Forte Etc. Posted on December 3, 2011 by ablestmage. (feel free to add your own in the comments, no registration required) I didn't want my kids to join band or orchestra, and risk being exposed to so much sax and violins. It only leads to treble Oct 3, 2017 - Explore Yang Minrui's board Music on Pinterest. See more ideas about music, music jokes, music art

Learn all about these music symbols: the staff, the treble clef, the notes, the rests, the musical alphabet, and much, much more! Mr. Q's Music. Menu. THE STAFF. LINES and SPACES. Names of the LINES and SPACES. THE TREBLE CLEF. THE MUSIC ALPHABET. NOTES & RESTS. THE NOTES. THE RESTS. HOME HOT TOPICS SYMBOLS STYLES FORMATS PERIODS COMPOSERS Dec 9, 2017 - Explore Susan sloan's board music symbols on Pinterest. See more ideas about music symbols, music, music notes Copy and paste music symbols and other music-related emoji and text from here. All the best music note symbols and musical emoji signs I could find are here. . In music, notes denote a relative durations and pitch of sounds. Notes are the atoms of Western music. There's a lot more than just notes to the sound of the music Jun 30, 2013 - Music is the language of the soul. See more ideas about music, music symbols, music notes Music Symbol Art - MISS ONUMA'S MUSIC CLASSES. Have fun using music symbols to make a picture. Use fermatas as eyes or a quarter rest as a moustache. You can create animals, people, nature, objects or whatever you like! Be creative and Miss Onuma would love to see what you come up with! Please send me your drawings

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The quicker the humor the more sharp it may be and the quicker at making us laugh! So enjoy this collection of 80 funny one liners! Clean Jokes. Two monkeys are high up in the tree. One turns to the other and says, Oooo ooo aah aahh!!. The second monkey says, Well put some cold water on it then Find symbol joke stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day

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Music Digital Puzzles Animal Themed is the perfect activity for students to practice recognition. Try this fun music game with your students while you are remote or e-learning! This activity is on Google Slides and fully customizable! This product has: 13 Google Slides ™ to review the basic music notes, symbols, dynamics, and rhythm Funny Fish Jokes For A Fishing Trip. These fish jokes for kids will help you raise the fishing spirit next time you go fishing with your kids. If you love catching fish and storing them in the ice boxes, you will love these jokes. Here is a list of some really good fishing jokes and fish jokes. 21 Mus, Mus. Abbreviation for 'Music', as in B.Mus. (Bachelor of Music), D.Mus. (Doctor of Music), etc. Absolute Music, Absolute music is an idea that took root in the writings of early German Romantics such as Wilhelm Heinrich Wackenroder (1773-1798), Ludwig Tieck ( Musicology, Musicology is the scholarly study of music, where music can be considered either as a fixed object of. A physicist and a mathematician are sitting in a faculty lounge. Suddenly, the coffee machine catches on fire. The physicist grabs a bucket and leap towards the sink, filled the bucket with water and puts out the fire. Second day, the same two sit in the same lounge. Again, the coffee machine catches on fire The ON A FUNNY NOTE series is designed to bring bubbly laughter to your classroom or lessons while reviewing level two music concepts. This OAFN SYMBOLS & TERMS LEVEL 2 DECK consists of 4 different activities (yes - 4 different jokes!) escalating in difficulty with each activity. Pick one activ


  1. In the Symbol window, open the Font drop-down menu and choose the MS UI Gothic font. Open the Subset drop-down menu and select the Miscellaneous Symbols option there. Scroll down a bit (four or five lines) and you'll see seven music symbols: Click the music symbol of your choice and then click the Insert button.
  2. Doctor Who: . On The Five Doctors 1995 VHS release, the '90s BBC Video logo gets sucked up by the Time Scoop. This variation was featured on the 25th Anniversary Edition DVD release of the story as an Easter Egg.; The Bells of Saint John opens with a BBC One ident being corrupted by static and weird symbols showing up below the logo. The signals and symbols are very plot-relevant
  3. Download 84 Musical Joke Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 164,545,220 stock photos online
  4. SymbolWorld Register and log in to print. Please log in and use the Print friendly link at the bottom right of each article. This will generate a copy of the.
  5. Starburst Piano & Voice Studios. Starburst Piano & Voice Studios, San Mateo, California. 140 likes. A music studio dedicated to teaching jazz, pop, blues, and classical music to kids and... Girl Humor Justin Bieber Jokes

Item Number: HL.49017660. ISBN 9783795758752. 9x12 inches. Leope. The third volume in the 'Piano Pictures' series is entirely dedicated to the question of whether there really are jokes and fun in music and if so, what it actually is that we laugh about A hippie enters a bus. (long) A hippie enters a bus and sees a beautiful nun sitting. He sits next to her and says. - I would like to have sex with you. She shouts at him that she is a servant of God and she could not do that and runs out from the bus. The bus driver who hear the conversation says to the hippie<. 18 Ridiculously Geeky Pi Jokes. You'd have to be irrational to not celebrate Pi Day! Especially when there is real pie involved. So check out these π-fect jokes, and celebrate every year. Because. For centuries, Celtic symbols and signs held incredible power for the ancient Celts in every way of life. The word Celtic refers to people who lived in Britain and Western Europe from 500 BC and 400 AD.Celts were of the Iron Age and lived in small villages which were led by warrior chiefs. With its rich history and culture, Ireland has been home to various civilisations for thousands of. The music industry & the Illuminati. When i watched this video telling me that the illuminati and satan controlled the music industry, and every song that contains rain, snakes, girls, money etc, are all by people who have sold their soul to the devil, I thought it a bit of a coincidence that so many videos contain rain but didnt really believe it

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  1. The Senior Deacon said, one day when you're a Master Mason, you'll understand. Then, once he was a Master Mason, he asked the Worshipful Master, I still think that there's more to these symbols than what I heard tonight, can you explain? The Worshipful Master looked at this young Mason with pride and said, one day you will be Master of.
  2. Symbols & Transliteration - Certain symbols are used in Carnatic musical notation. An explanation for some of these is given below. Below that, is the transliteration scheme for many lyrics and terms on this site. Terms are as in the glossary. If you find a symbol you don't understand, please write so it can be added
  3. Let's get started with Frank Zappa's funny music quotes. A composer is a guy who goes around forcing his will on unsuspecting air molecules, often with the assistance of unsuspecting musicians. — Frank Zappa I want to do a musical movie. Like Evita, but with good music. — Elton John Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of.

A joke from work. Four famous actors get together and decide to dress up as famous artists for Halloween. Leonardo DiCaprio says he'll go as Da Vinci since they have the same first name. Tom Cruise says he'll go as Van Gogh so they have two painters. Bill Murray says he'll go as Beethoven since h. 19 dad jokes about classical music that are so bad they're actually hilarious. 22 June 2021, 16:57 | Updated: 22 June 2021, 16:5 A free ba-dum tshh after joke sound effect. Download it here: http://www.soundbyter.com/2010/09/free-ba-dum-tsh-after-joke-sound-effect Looking for vampire jokes you can really sink your teeth into? Don't go batty searching all over the web, we have over 100 vampire jokes here plus another page of Dracula jokes too! So scroll down for the best list of vampire jokes anywhere on the web These 70 chemistry jokes are really cheesy and may only have the power to make a chemist laugh, but don't worry if you're not a Chemist, at least you'll understand their cheesiness. And maybe even learn something along the way. Here is a collection of best funny chemistry jokes you have probably never come across

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These beautiful music posters are perfect for adding color to the walls of your music room and are also great teaching tools for your students. Perfect for both second. 10. Products. $ 42.00. $ 58.00. Save $ 16.00. View Bundle. Description Reviews 35 Q&A 1 More from Band Directors Talk Shop Rice University's secret symbols, inside jokes and elaborate pranks. Carved inside the architecture and features of Rice University are secret symbols, mysterious mix-ups and elaborate pranks. Shop and Buy The Best Musicians' Jokes sheet music. all instruments sheet music book by Bruno Kassel and Carlo May: Mel Bay Publications, Inc at Sheet Music Plus. (MB.21170)

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Elton spins new music from Mabel, Sam Fender, and Jake Shears. Bradley Zero. TSHA chats with London based DJ Bradley Zero. Episode 5: USEE4YOURSELF. IDK shares his new album and the story behind it. Just Updated. See All. Summer BBQ. Serve up some crowd-pleasing sing-alongs. Hip-Hop in Spatial Audio Russian joke culture features a series of categories with fixed and highly familiar settings and characters. Surprising effects are achieved by an endless variety of plots. Russians love jokes on topics found everywhere in the world, be it politics, spouse relations, or mothers-in-law

The children with the joke sheet verbally describe the symbol, and the children with the alphabet code can tell them the letter. * If wanting to incorporate movement or prolong visual memory you can have your student use a chosen locomotor pattern to move from their worksheet to the Alphabet Code page to find their next letter Some of these jokes are very 'bat' some might even say it is 'scary'. . Q. What do goblins and ghosts drink when they're hot and thirsty on Halloween? A. Ghoul-aid!!! Q. What is a witch's favorite school subject? A. Spelling!!!! Q. What is a Mummie's favorite type of music? A. Wrap!!!!! Q. Why do demons and ghouls hang out. Jay Simps Jokes. July 2 at 12:58 PM ·. #EURO2020 : Two of the pre-tournament favourites square off against each other as Belgium and Italy lock horns in the UEFA Euro 2020 quarter-final on Friday night. BET and WIN iPhone 12 Pro Max, every month and many other accessories when you bet with our Mobile App. Download it from our website The Celtic tree of life(in Irish Crann Bethadh) plays an intricate part in Irish heritage and is among one of the most popular Celtic symbols.. The Celtic tree of life and its symbol is featured in nearly all forms of history and religion. It is an exceptionally old symbol that symbolises both harmony and balance, dating back to ancient Egypt where the tree of life appeared on tombs

Trolls on 8chan decided to spread a rumor that the pigeon sticker is actually a pro-Nazi symbol. This is a good example of the thorny layers of irony in these memes: Trash Dove was created purely as a joke to trick people (especially the media) into believing this innocuous cartoon was a Nazi symbol, but then it kind of became true Here is a collection of reader-submitted chemistry jokes and puns. Some of them are groaners, but some are quite funny. You can read other jokes specific to certain topics, like Mole Day . Two guys walk into a restaurant. One guy says I would like some H2O. The other guy says I would like some H 2 O too ( H2O2 ) Shop Music Jokes T-Shirts from talented designers at Spreadshirt Many sizes, colors & styles Get your favorite Music Jokes design today

Pop chord symbols without a slash (/) represent chords in root position. When you want to be extra sure that the chord is played in root position, you may include the slash (/) and the root, e.g., Bbmaj7/Bb. * These are seventh-chord quality symbols, where the first character is the quality of the triad (M-major, m-minor, o -diminished. Comedians and writers can make a living off of writing original jokes, but not all jokes can be copyrighted. U.S. copyright laws require that an item must be original and fixed in some tangible form to be eligible for copyright protection, so jokes that are only uttered verbally are ineligible. However, written jokes can be copyrighted in some. Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that literally began as a joke, has shushed some doubters with a meteoric rise. But the bears could have the last laugh Back to: Miscellaneous Jokes : School Jokes. Q: What do you call a map guide to Alcatraz? A: A con-tour map. Q: If Mississippi bought Virginia a New Jersey, what would Delaware? A: Idaho... Alaska! Q: What do Clint Eastwood and a map key have in common? A: Both are legends. A giant destroyed 3 countries the other day

36 Pcs Music Notes Cupcake Toppers Colorful Glitter Musical Symbols Cake Picks for Kids Birthday Baby Shower Senior Recital Events Treble Clef Food Party Decorations 4.7 out of 5 stars 87 $10.99 $ 10 . 9 Symbol on the Turkish flag crossword clue. This crossword clue Symbol on the Turkish flag was discovered last seen in the May 27 2021 at the USA Today Crossword. The crossword clue possible answer is available in 12 letters. This answers first letter of which starts with C and can be found at the end of N. We think CRESCENTMOON is the possible. Lance Bass jokes Gen Z kids who don't recognize NSYNC is a result of 'bad parenting'. *NSYNC's evergreen appeal makes it feel as if the iconic boy band was together for decades, but the reality is. Om, a spiritual symbol of Hindu Symbol Please visit my BLOGS: ~ For General Business News - The Designing Woman blog about my stores, business. ~ Music Stuff blog - music-related store news, as well as general postings about Music Also, Follow Me on Twitter And, Be My Friend on Facebook or Join and Like my Business-Only Facebook Page @ Music Stuff & Mor

Netizens Call to Cancel Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe After Racist Joke. Another day, another racist. Chinese netizens are enraged about American comedian and writer Tony Hinchcliffe's openly racist comment made towards Chinese comic Peng Dang after the latter introduced him on stage. Here's what he said See trending images, wallpapers, gifs and ideas on Bing everyday Browse 791,399 jokes stock photos and images available, or search for funny animals or laughing to find more great stock photos and pictures. boy and dog in toy racing car - jokes stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. big ears, upside down. - jokes stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Just great. A quick grower, Elephant Jokes is certainly one of Pollard's best solo albums. With 22 tracks of ragged, weird, off-kilter, and energetic songs that mostly clock in at under two minutes, it has an aesthetic that recalls Alien Lanes (and a few songs -- for instance Accident Hero -- would fit brilliantly on that album), albeit with beefier production Music Symbols ( self.ElCloroEsAmor) submitted 10 minutes ago by ElCloroEsAmor. ♯ ♮ ♭ ø ° Δ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬. share. save A national symbol is a symbol of any entity considering and manifesting itself to the world as a national community: the sovereign states but also nations and countries in a state of colonial or other dependence, federal integration, or even an ethnocultural community considered a 'nationality' despite having no political autonomy.. National symbols intend to unite people by creating visual. Kourtney Kardashian gets a kiss on the neck from Travis Barker and jokes 'what which she says is a symbol of 'wealth ruby satin dress as she arrives in Bronx to film music video alongside. The Utah chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM) condemned those who display the American flag, which they described as a symbol of hatred. When we Black Americans see this flag we know the person flying it is not safe to be around, the post read.When we see this flag we know the person flying it is a racist

Joke Sting. Drum after joke or punchline sound effect. also called a rimshot or joke sting. Requested by Hayden Flores. Thanks Hayden. rimshot. joke sting Musical Joke, A (Ein musikalischer Spass). Divertimento in F for 2 hn. and str. qt. by Mozart (K522) comp. Vienna, 1787, as satire on composers and perfs. of popular mus. Source for information on Musical Joke, A: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music dictionary In the summer of 1858, a 25-year-old Brahms fell madly in love with Agathe von Siebold, a 23-year-old music director and vocal student of Brahms's friend Julius Otto Grimm. They quickly set. More Italian Music Symbols to Know: marcato: informally referred to as simply an accent, a marcato makes a note slightly more pronounced than surrounding notes. legato or slur: connects two or more different notes. In piano music, the individual notes must be struck, but there should be no audible spaces between them

Submit A joke. A boy is selling fish on a corner. To get his customers' attention, he is yelling, Dam fish for sale! Get your dam fish here! A pastor hears this and asks, Why are you calling them 'dam fish.'. The boy responds, Because I caught these fish at the local dam. The pastor buys a couple fish, takes them home to his wife, and. A coda is a musical symbol made with an oval and oversized crosshairs. The Italian musical command al coda (paired with D.S. or D.C.) is part of a system of complex musical repeats, and is an indication to jump to the next coda sign. Learn how a coda is used to organize complex musical repetitions. The Italian phrase al coda instructs a musician to move immediately to the next coda, and can.

55+ Hilarious Math Jokes To Cause Smiles. Math doesn't always have to be hard and confusing, sometimes it can be fun. These funny math jokes and puns are the perfect way to make math a good time. Use them to kid around with your math savvy friend one day or as a one-liner with friends. These jokes are also great to use in the classroom. Send your tree jokes to us via email if you'd like to see them featured here on the Trees Group site. If you like these tree jokes, we encourage you to check out some of the best forest jokes , tree quotes , forest quotes , nature quotes , and season quotes from all over the world In the subMiscellaneous Symbols character map subset, I see: U266A (1/8 note), U266B (beamed 1/8 notes), and U266F (musical sharp [#]) symbols. My locale is set to English - United States. I wonder if that is why you and I don't see the same subset symbols. Thank Every chemist deserves a break. So put down that beaker, take off your safety glasses, and enjoy a few chemistry jokes and riddles. And the next time you need an inorganic standard, be sure to think of Inorganic Ventures Wanna hear a joke about potassium? (K!) [Note: K is the symbol for potassium.] Do you know any good jokes about sodium? (Na!) [Note: Na is the symbol for sodium.] What do you do with a dead chemist? (Barium!) Why is the mushroom always invited to parties? (Because he's a fungi!) To the optimist, the glass is half full

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Highest quality HD recorded MP3 downloads. These free ba dum tss joke drum sound effects can be downloaded and used for video editing, adobe premiere, foley, youtube videos, plays, video games and more! Don't forget our music as well! See policy page for more details. Soundboard Mode Play random sound every seconds (15 minimum) The symbol of the holy and sacred sound, O Hollywood's Nigger Joke. by Cecil Brown. I had little dog, his name was Dash. I'd ruther be a nigger than be white trash. -African American saying. In order for a joke to work, Mary Douglas. What is FORD meaning in Joke? 13 meanings of FORD abbreviation related to Joke: Joke. Car. Fun. Humour. Car Brand. 1 / 10. Rating

Funny Rude Jokes. Funny Rude Jokes 1 Why can't Miss Piggy count to 70? Because she gets a frog in her throat at 69. Funny Rude Jokes 2 Why can't scientists find a cure for AIDS? They can't get the laboratory mice to arse fuck. Funny Rude Jokes 3 Why can't women read maps? Because only the male mind can comprehend the concept of 1 inch. More jokes about: democrat, ethnic, political. Starbucks is offering a new drink to honor Nancy Pelosi. They call it the fullacrapuccino. Joke has 69.80 % from 146 votes. More jokes about: business, customer service, democrat, food, political. A Democrat walks into a doctor's office with a frog sitting on his head Jokes and Riddles. Tickle your brain! Laugh and have some fun! If you know a great, non-offensive joke or riddle, this is the place for it! 21,687 Questions. best unanswered all guides - The symbols are on the same keys as 430, so even though it looks like you just swore at the person it was actually code for the meetup time. Copper Uranium Astatine Olive Garden Monday night? - On the periodic table, the symbol for Copper is C, the symbol for Uranium is U and the symbol for Astatine is At

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The smiley symbol pops up throughout The Watchmen, ' configuration as a way of denoting a joke in written text. A long-time advocate for good-times dance music,. JOKE #8. A physicist, a biologist, and a mathematician are sitting on a bench across from a house. They watch as two people go into the house, and then a little later, three people walk out. The. Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms. Groucho Marx Funny Oxymoron Examples Over-the-top Oxymoron Example Cruel Examples of Oxymorons Examples of Oxymoron Phrases Funny Joke Requests - Examples of Oxymorons at Work Funny and Strange Words Annoying, irritating and sometimes downright silly expressions Contents0.0.0.1 1 Funny Oxymoron Examples2 Cruel Examples of Oxymorons3 Over-the. Find Dad Jokes Think You Mean Rad stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day Duration of a Musical Note The other important part of a musical note (besides pitch) is the duration. This is the time that the note is held or played. It is important in music that notes are played in time and rhythm. Timing and meter in music is very mathematical. Each note gets a certain amount of time in a measure

Brad Paisley just confirmed that country music is racist with that racist joke about 'Black-ish'. I didn't find Paisley's CMA joke racist, but it showed how country remains go-to symbol for. Welcome to TheHolidaySpot, Your Guide For All Events & Holidays. Welcome to the TheHolidaySpot. A place where you can get ideas, crafts, recipes, greeting cards, traditions & history, activities and social networking on all your favorite holidays and festivals The musical symbol for flat resembles a small letter b. The symbol for sharp resembles the number sign on the keyboard. Either a flat symbol or sharp symbol can be used to indicate that change in.

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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich picks his 15 favorite metal and hard-rock albums. When Rolling Stone began ranking the 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time, one of the first musicians we consulted. A lot of people initially believe that holding the sustain pedal down makes the piano sound louder. This is sort of the case, but there is a little more to it!. Normally, when you play a piano key without holding the sustain pedal down, the sound stops as soon as you release the key. With the sustain pedal down, the strings can continue to vibrate until the pedal is released or until the sound. Bose's film, The Beatles and India, maps a longer saga: a three-year journey, from when George first picked up a sitar on the set of Help!, via their brief sightseeing trip to Delhi in July 1966.

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Close Modal Dialog. Say goodbye to Tom Hanks — there's a new Robert Langdon in town, as Peacock has released the trailer for their upcoming original drama series, Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Best Christmas Jokes and Humor 2020 - Celebrate the holidays with our Christmas jokes and Santa jokes that will make fond memories for everyone. Welcome to the Christmas jokes page. Here you will find a wide collection of santa jokes and funny christmas jokes for you to enjoy, use, and forward. we are brings you some christmas one liner jokes, Christmas cracker jokes, funny xmas jokes and many. musical notation, visual record of heard or imagined musical sound, or a set of visual instructions for performance of music.It usually takes written or printed form and is a conscious, comparatively laborious process. Its use is occasioned by one of two motives: as an aid to memory or as communication.By extension of the former, it helps the shaping of a composition to a level of. Later, the smiley was used as a symbol of sweaty liberation, thanks to the second summer of love, a period of blissed-out weekend ecstasy back on Earth in the UK of the late '80s. This.

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Music in its simplest form is monotonic; that is, composed only of pure tones.Monotonic music is dull and lifeless like a 1990s ringtone (worse than that even); like a 1970s digital watch alarm (now we're talking); like an oscillating circuit attached to a speaker built by a college student in an introductory physics class (so primitive) A male's two most precious belongings, and the boast of his manhood. Usually when the phrase deez nuts is used it is to flaunt one's genital superiority to either gain a great laugh or just piss them off Musical Notes and Piano Keys Black and Gold Silver Plated Necklace. $32.35. 25% Off with code TAKE25ZAZZLE. . Personalized Piano Keys and Gold Music Notes Silver Plated Necklace. $31.65. 25% Off with code TAKE25ZAZZLE. Music Note Goldtone Treble Clef Musical Symbol for Musicians T-Shirt. 4.5 out of 5 stars 9 ratings. Price: $24.99 FREE Shipping on your first order. Details & FREE Returns. Return this item for free. You can return this item for any reason: no shipping charges. The item must be returned in new and unused condition